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From Crushing Hard DNB to Soaring Melodies and Beyond!


Lockdown for us meant that we locked inside our studio for months and we throw out the key. We worked hard to create this massive collection of sounds that we actually would / will /and sometime have used in our tunes!

From single drum hits, to breaks, basses, subs, synth, growls and noises of any kind, this is 100% us. No filla just killa!

Hallucinator Signature Sounds

€ 50,00Price
  • 20 KIcks

    22 Snares

    9 Hats

    13 Percussions 1 shot

    25 Full drum loops

    21 Top loops

    7 Percussion loops

    32 Bass hits

    33 Bass loops with midi files

    7 Multi sampled basses across 3 octaves (63 samples)

    18 Synth hits

    21 Synth melodies and loops with midi files

    5 Multi sampled synths across 5 octaves (85 samples)

    25 Fx and atmos samples

    13 Guitar sounds (1 shot and riffs)

    37 Vocal samples

    14 Serum presets

    All audio is captured in pristine 24 bit 44100Hz Quality

    Every sound is production ready and precisely archieved with root note, octave and bpm info where possible.

    Purchasing this sample pack gives you all the rights to use the content in your productions for commercial purposes (copyright free, see inside license)

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